Other ways to get past web filters and site blockers

Here on this site we like to talk about practical things. If you took a look at our latest article where we should you how to unblock youtube easily with some software and a server you will see what we mean. Breaking seemingly complex topics into small bite sized pieces of content is a great way to teach. In this article we want to share with you the power of VPN connections. If you don’t know what that is, its essentially a server that allows connections from client computers using a VPN client. When that client software is running it tunnels all of the web traffic to that server and back out to the internet. It works the same way as a web proxy but it offers better performance and seamless user experience. There are many vpn programs out there. Some are paid and others are free. If you go and find something like hidemyass you will see what we mean. If you want help using a service like that, let us know at our contact form.

How to unblock youtube with proxy technology available to all

While sure you could use any of the sites out there that claim to unblock youtube for free, we decided it might be more of a cool project actually show how one of these proxy sites is created. You could probably get one of these going pretty easily. All you need is some sort of web hosting account that allows PHP (which us just about any of them) and a little bit of time. First you have to go out and download a proxy script called glype. Once you have this you can go ahead and upload it to your web hosting service. When you run it for the first time you are going to have to change some settings and create an admin password. If you don’t know what you are doing, just leave them as they are and continue. Also before you use this website a lot make sure that your hosting has unlimited bandwidth. Proxies tend to use a lot of it. This is even more so if they support video sites like youtube.com. You are now ready to start using the site. You might be a bit disappointed that there aren’t any more steps, but to get a bare basic site like this one running that’s all you need. Of course you could go in and change the design of the site a bit or maybe add SSL to the site. But all of that is extra. Now as you can see, setting up a proxy service is not all that hard. The only thing you really need to pay for is the hosting.

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