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The Redact Challenge - £10,000 prize to anyone who can intercept a message.

We’re confident that the messages you send via the Redact app are completely secure. To prove it, we are offering a standing reward of £10,000 to anyone who has the skills to intercept and decrypt a challenge message, which constantly bounces between two phones in our challenge location. We'll even give you a head start and tell you the location of the phones.

The Redact Challenge is modeled on the ‘Bramah lock challenge’ that was set in 1790 and baffled hackers for over 67 years. Bramah locks have been manufactured by Joseph Bramah since 1784 and were the first commercially produced cylinders to offer good security, even by today's standards. The company placed a "challenge lock" in the window of their London shop, offering 200 Guineas to the first person to successfully pick it and there it stayed for 67 years, unhacked. Eventually American locksmith A.C. Hobbs claimed the prize at the Great Exhibition in 1851, a feat said to have taken him 51 hours and spread over 16 days.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, apply here via our online form. You’ll need to intercept the Redact message and read the encrypted text to win the money. The team at Redact will review all applications and select 20 candidates.

If you’re chosen we’ll contact you for a brief interview before confirming the date and location of the challenge with you (London, UK). Submit your application by 1st June 2013 to be in with a chance of taking part in the challenge.

The prize money will only be available to people participating in the challenge. Individuals attempting to intercept non-challenge messages or DDOS will not qualify.

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The Redact Challenge - Entry Form

The Redact Challenge - Terms and Conditions

Our aim is to provide a free, safe and legal environment to the public who take part in the “Redact Challenge”, but we can only do so if members of the community do not put us in any legal risk. It’s therefore necessary for us to implement a terms and conditions agreement, that all Applicants and Selected Participants involved in the challenge must agree to.

The “Redact Challenge” is open to any individuals who are over 18, whether he or she is entering as an individual or on behalf of a company.

Applicants must:
i) Apply before Saturday 1st June 2013.
ii) Agree with the “Redact Challenge” Terms & Conditions.
iii) Be available to travel to a location in London (UK) on a specified date (location and date of the challenge will be announced after the application deadline once the Selected Participants have been chosen).

a) There is no cost for entering the challenge.
b) To participate in the challenge, each Applicant should fill out an online Application Form available on the Redact website, where the Applicant should give personal and professional information.
c) Following receipt of the Application Form, Redact will contact the Applicant by phone for a brief interview. Redact cannot accept responsibility for Applications that must be voided if the Applicant cannot be contacted when attempts have been made to establish contact by phone or email. Redact will not be liable to reimburse expenses incurred in submitting an Application to the competition.
c) The Applicant can only send one application form.
d) The application deadline is Saturday 1st June 2013. After this date, no further applications will be considered. Redact cannot accept responsibility for lost entries due to internet and/or technical problems related to use of internet. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt.
e) Redact will review all applications and select 20 (twenty) candidates, the decision will be based on relevance and skills. Redact reserve the right to adapt this number depending on the quality of the applications received. The decision on the Selected Participants is final and without appeal. By submitting an Application to the Redact challenge, the Applicant agrees not to challenge the final selection on any ground.
f) The Selected Participants of the competition will be informed of their status by email or phone by Redact in June 2013.

a) The “Redact Challenge” will take place on a specified date in 2013 (to be confirmed) at a specified location in London (to be confirmed). Redact reserves the right to change the date or location of the challenge, up to 1 week before the challenge session takes place.
b) The Selected Participants will have to bring their own laptops and mobile devices.
c) The Selected Participants will attend the competition day at the specified location. If a Selected Participant successfully intercepts and decrypts the encrypted code, and he or she is able to demonstrate the process by which the Participant was able to complete the challenge to the satisfaction of the Redact Jury, a winner will be formally announced. The Selected Participants agree not to challenge the Jury's decisions on any ground.
d) The Selected Participants are authorised to mention their “Redact Challenge” 2013 recognition in their promotional activities.
e) Redact does not encourage or condone attempts to hack into other servers or any other illegal activities. The hacking skills used by Selected Participants of the Redact challenge are for Redact challenge purposes only, and what actions people decide to take outside of the challenge are strictly independent of Redact. We are not responsible if you break the law using techniques used in this challenge.
f) Redact reserves the right to have any disturbances caused by any here-mentioned prohibited use terminated by any means, including the disconnection of the Applicant from the challenge.
g) Selected Participants are not permitted to exploit such security holes in a destructive manner (being defined as inhibiting others from using the app or website in it's entirety, the theft of personal information, launching attacks on other servers from the Redact website, etc).
h) Selected Participants are not permitted to flood the server or use brute force to disrupt regular service for other Redact app users.
i) In the event of circumstances independent of Redact’s will, and resulting in the impossibility of organising the challenge day, the “Redact Challenge” 2013 shall be cancelled without any indemnification whatsoever.

Registering and competing for the “Redact Challenge” 2013 implies full acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions. No claims related to the selection of the Selected Participants, of the winner(s) or any other aspects of the challenge, will be accepted. The Director of Redact has the power to settle all cases not covered by the present Terms.